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Kim Marie Christine Regnitz is a Multi-Dimensional Master, Vibrational Intuitive and a Conscious Channel of the “I AM” Frequencies, assisting others through the deepest levels of Awakening and Transformation!

Kim came in as an Enlightened Soul always feeling the connection and comfort of being in Nature and ‘playing’ with the Elementals. Being extremely sensitive, you would often find her in or around Water! In the late 1980’s, around the time of the Harmonic Convergence, She experienced “Unity Consciousness” and her life changed dramatically. In 1992, after recently getting married, she moved to rural North Central Wisconsin where she had a Huge Vibrational Shift of Awakening into “Christ Consciousness” Frequency! Through the intensity of this Transformational Shift, she experienced many upgrades facilitating the purging of obsolete patterns and Cellular memory held within her “Field”. As she integrated this process within herself, Kim then began to assist others through Activation of their Light Body as a Conscious Channel of the “I AM Presence” Frequency.


1-on-1 Sessions

Harmonic, Holographic Transformational Sessions

This one-on-one Transformational Session blends Kim’s nearly 30 years of Experience in the Field of Healing and Transformation Technologies! In a Session, Kim will tune into your Entire Biofield, as an Interpreter of the Soul’s Vibration, to find where your Energy is Stagnant, stuck and not flowing!

Since every pattern is Information, Light and Resonance, Kim receives the Intuitive protocol for each Session and in Alignment with her and your “I AM” Presence, allows for the Patterns to shift, and align with New Energy/Possibility Potentiality. She is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, empathic, etc and Lives what she teaches! (please refer to her Bio)

Each Session is an Activation and a Shift Exponentially in Consciousness encoding for an upgraded Awareness as you move toward Embodying the Divine, your “I AM” Presence in form!

Many of these patterns that show up ready to disentangle, are from other timelines, people refer to them as ‘past lives’ but in truth are simultaneously occurring, as All time is NOW!

Kim eclectically draws from her Skill’s in Quantum Mechanics and is a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, 3 – H Dowsing Intl, Sacred Sound, LaHoChi Spiritual Energetic Healing, and more in the Healing Arts. She also is skilled and incorporates Astrology and Nature/Elemental Frequencies in her Sessions! Each Session is unique and a class in and of itself!

Please note that Kim will work via phone or Skype with you.

Also useful to realize that the Session begins at the time you book it and the Energy starts to change. Be Aware of this, and it shows up uniquely for each person! Kim is passionate about her work, Truly to be experienced!!!

Sessions offered:

60 – 75 minute session $150

First time Client Session (90 minutes) + Coaching Integrative follow-up call (½ hour) $190! (may be waived if you have participated in online classes or Live Events)

Quick Calibration ~ Reset Session (30 minutes) $70

Group Classes

For information on upcoming classes, please visit the Events page.  If you would like to be notified via email of upcoming events, please join My Newsletter list here.


Listening to these Journeys will assist you in becoming the Divine Master that you are!


Know where I am going in my life

Thank you very much Kim for your Wonderful package and session.
It help to guide me where I am going in my life and with relationship with someone that I thought it is not possible.
I love your toning. It is so powerful ,that my whole body was moving and it went in to my heart.
Thank you again.
Much Love.
Kveta J.

Kveta-Natural Healing Center
Web: http://www.kveta-healing.com,
Email: natural@kveta-healing.com

I am thankful for her presence in my life🌟💕

I come from the school of  "hard knocks".  This has been a very bumpy lifetime for me.  Recently...I've sat endlessly, it seems, pondering how best to compliment someone who was once a complete stranger to me.  I'd only "met" her over the phone.  Meeting her in person was not important.  What was important to me was figuring out the inner voice that was growing louder.  I once was full of questions and had little confidence in my own inner wisdom to find the answers.  My work with KIM started well after I ditched an established 15 yr career to be guided my a budding inner voice that I constantly doubted.  She's helped me to walk this dimension exploring, sharing and learning my soul\'s lessons with confidence.  I trust my own inner wisdom now and I am accountable to it.  I get almost instant reassurance by recognizing the signs from these lessons which is something I'd never experienced before working with KIM.  Kim has such dedication and devotion to helping other souls brave enough to have incarnated into these times and fearless enough to learn by trusting as they go along.  I have only profound gratitude and immense love for her and her abilities.  I still have much to learn from her... I am thankful for her presence in my life🌟💕
T Langer

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